Solder Joint Integrity

Accurate Solder Joint Integrity Analysis

Solder Joint Integrity Analysis & Testing

Through combinations of electrical and physical analysis techniques, Sage Analytical Laboratories is able to quickly test and verify solder joint integrity.

Whether it is chip to laminate, laminate to board, flip chip, wire bond or otherwise, we are able to investigate and image all manners of solder connections.

Electrical and physical inspection, in conjunction with CSAM and X-ray imaging can expose problems before any damage is done to a sample.

If issues are found, high precision milling and cross sectioning can be used to highlight the problem and expose the source of failure.

By using our elemental mapping tools, the degree of diffusion, determination of foreign material, composition of bond, and metallic interfaces may all be analyzed. With this information, the source of delaminations, non-wets, and various other connection issues quickly come to light allowing our customers to create more robust processes.

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