SEM Analysis and Imaging

Accurate SEM Analysis and Imaging With a Quick Turn Around

SEM Analysis and Imaging

Sage Analytical Laboratories’ Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes (FE-SEM) will provide your organization with excellent images.

With the high current capability of the beam, higher resolution images of smaller details can be obtained with optimum contrast to resolve fine features.

Our columns are equipped with voltage ranges of 0.2 through 30kV allowing for an unparalleled spectrum of samples without damaging or implanting charge.

Combined with EDAX capabilities, we can also obtain elemental composition along with multi-element dot mapping of the spot or region of interest.

Our highly qualified and experienced Sage analysts will help you get to the root cause of failures quickly, and give you highly detailed images of the area of interest. With sub-nanometer resolution and the application of dual lens modes, backscatter, down-hole imaging, and in column detectors we provide unparalleled imaging. 

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