RIE Passivation | Dielectric Removal

Quick RIE Passivation | Dielectric Removal Analysis

RIE Passivation / Dielectric Removal

The main constraint in a deconstruction process is keeping a sample planar across all levels of delayering. By incorporating dry etching processes into standard physical lapping methods, unparalleled planarity is achieved.

Sage Analytical Laboratories’ Samco RIE can quickly remove passivation, and our Trion RIE tools with inductively coupled plasma capability provide extremely selective anisotropic etches.

Varying gas chemistry can be tailored to organic, inter-level dielectric, nitride, silicon, or certain metal etching.

By adding high speed inductive plasma etching as well, not only are etches beautiful, but much faster than standard methods. We have the tools and techniques to prepare your samples in the best way for RIE Passivation / Dielectric Removal analysis.

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