Precise Sub-Micron Cross-Sectioning

Fast and Precise Sub-Micron Cross-Sectioning Analysis

Precise Sub-Micron Cross-Sectioning

Cross sections are invaluable to understand the construction of a sample and the robustness of the architecture in which they are employed.

From full BGA row sections down to single contact level vias, Sage Analytical Laboratories is equipped to handle your cross sectioning needs.

With B-mode SAM imaging, acoustic cross section images can be taken.

Using our advanced x-ray, multiple package sections can be acquired, all before damaging the die.

To get to smaller details, mechanical sections are taken and high resolution optical or SEM captures are used to tell the story.

For the finest of details and most delicate jobs, ultra high precision FIB cross sections can quickly be made. Using our state of the art Helios system, we’re equipped to section the smallest of planes, and provide the highest resolution imaging within the same tool.

Using tailored SEM and EDS methods, the most exquisite details can be exposed. Comprehensive reports can be produced at the customer’s request showing full details of the analysis flow in a series of beautiful images.

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