Precise Chemical | Mechanical Deprocessing

Comprehensive Precise Chemical | Mechanical Deprocessing Analysis

Comprehensive Precise Chemical | Mechanical Deprocessing Analysis

Sage has extensive experience with deprocessing of samples and uses a variety of advanced techniques to delayer in a planar and controlled fashion.

Both depackaging and delayering of a die are done with precise methods to ensure no defect is missed. With jet etching, selective chemical etching, and physical lapping removal methods, Sage Analytical Laboratories has world-class sample preparation.

By removing and inspecting one layer at a time we are able to create a comprehensive capture of the system, and properly inspect a region of interest.

During deprocessing, we can capture images at each layer with high-resolution cameras, and compile them in an all encompassing report of the process. These images are carefully reviewed by highly qualified Sage analysts to ensure that no anomalies are missed prior to the removal of the next device layer.

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