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Accurate IR | XIVA™ | TIVA | OBIRCH Analysis

IR / XIVA™ / TIVA / OBIRCH Analysis

One of the largest challenges in the failure analysis business is knowing where to look for a defect.

With the use of our advanced QFI system, Sage Analytical Laboratories is able to use a gamut of varying techniques to isolate and pinpoint where among the billions of features a defect may lie. XIVA™, TIVA, and OBIRCH have become staples in the industry as tried and true methods of isolation with the correct foresight in bringing out the failure.

IR analysis has a varied range of uses, such as temperature mapping, short detection, over-current detection, and power dissipation.

This is useful in both failing and fictional die to garner insight into the overall functionality and find areas of concentrated heating.

One great benefit of this system is the ability to inject and sense energy from the front or back side of the die. By being able to do such, it ensures that energy input will reach the defect, whether it be high in a metal stack, or at the device level.

These techniques are nearly unaffected by the thickness of silicon due to the wavelengths involved, at which silicon is transparent. We have the tools to enable front-side or backside laser scanning techniques, and pinpoint your failure.

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