Comprehensive IC Failure Analysis Services

Full flow comprehensive IC Failure Analysis from full level device through high resolution silicon imaging

Comprehensive IC Failure Analysis

At Sage Analytical Laboratories we are equipped to provide comprehensive IC failure analysis services in a timely and precise fashion. With our broad range of toolsets and varied employee backgrounds, we have decades of combined experience in providing our customers with root cause of failure, and the images to prove it. We pride ourselves in taking high-resolution, telling images that clearly illustrate the faults on submitted failing devices. 

With our electrical verification and honed fault isolation skills, we provide a full analysis from packaging to silicon. We can provide inch-scale ultra-high resolution imaging (20-1000x), down through sub-nanometer resolution SEM images. Depending on the job submission requests, we are able to fulfill many types of comprehensive IC failure analysis and destructive analysis including:

  • Chemical Decapsulation
  • Selective Chemical Etching
  • Reactive Ion Etching(RIE)/Plasma Anisotropic Etching
  • Level by Level Planar Delayering
  • Potted Sample Cross-Sectioning
  • FIB Dual Beam Cross-Sectioning

We are able to provide electrical data from package, to gate level using our suite of tools, including:

  • Microprobing
  • Parametric Analyzers
  • High Pin Count Automatic Curve Tracing
  • AFM probing for the smallest feature electrical characterization

By owning the full failure analysis process in-house, we are able to quickly isolate and document root failures on submissions.

We are also flexible and willing to design custom tests and experiments for emerging technologies, new processes, and research needs. Working closely with customers, we are able to try novel technique and experiment design to try to advance research and development. By investigating new techniques, we are able to pursue the cutting edge of technology and push our capabilities to the limits.

Considering all modes of failure, our comprehensive treatment of IC failures overlooks no possibilities and generates all the data you need to mitigate these fails. We provide a complete summary of all the information gathered, and feed it back to give you the full picture of your submission.

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