High-Resolution IC Photo Navigation

Advanced High-Resolution IC Photo Navigation Algorithm

High-Resolution IC Photo Navigation Algorithm @ SAGE

For the best understanding of a problem comes the best imaging available.

Sage Analytical Laboratories is able to provide gigapixel images of your die and defect. With our advanced suite of tools and techniques, we can provide images from the largest to the smallest defect.

By employing the most advanced stitching and stacking algorithms as provided from our newest Keyence, we are able to capture ultra-high resolution images of full devices from 20-1000x. If you need to see the full image in focus, even with large topographies, we’ve got the tools you seek. If you need large areas at high magnifications, such as stitching together a whole PCB board level, or a 1000x image of a full device, we are able to provide stunning examples. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality, crispest, most beautiful photographs possible.

The more information in the images, the greater chances of finding a defect, and the more there is to learn. Beyond just the defect, high resolution images allow for insight into what may have caused the failure in general, and secondary effects from the area of incident.

High resolution photos provide a way to navigate a die level by level in a precise manner, and gather a complete image of the system. Our advanced High-Resolution IC Photo Navigation algorithms cannot be compared.

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