Focused Ion Beam FIB IC Circuit Modifications

Dual Focused Ion Beam FIB IC Circuit Modification With Detailed Result

Dual Focused Ion Beam FIB IC Circuit Modification

Sage Analytical Laboratories is equipped to handle your circuit modification needs.

With our advanced dual beam systems we are able to make even the most advanced edits at nanometer resolutions.

By using integrated CAD navigation we can make complex edits with ease, with the accuracy of detailed level overlay on live SEM and FIB images.

Whether you need to…

    • Debug circuits
    • Verify designs
    • Deposit probe points
    • Validate engineering samples
    • Reroute wiring

…or other conductor edits, we have the ability to deposit or remove material with great quality using our ion beam which has a 2nm resolution. With the added capabilities of enhanced oxide etching, and the ability to watch milling live with the SEM, we’ve got a quick and reliable method of getting you the results you need. Our newest upgrade allows for extremely low beam currents and acceleration voltages to acquire the most precise, highest aspect ratio edits for your new technology designs.

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