Dual-Beam FIB Failure Analysis Services

Affordable Dual-Beam FIB Failure Analysis Services with Accurate Efficiency

Dual Focused Ion Beam FIB IC Circuit Modification

By having multiple dual-beam FIB systems in house, we are able to achieve great throughput and turnaround time on a large range of specimens.

The 3D Quanta FEG System at Sage Analytical provides the solution to your inspection and sectioning needs.

The FIB system can create nanometer scale features reliably, whether depositing or milling. For the toughest, smallest feature edits, our Helios 660 dual beam leads the industry.

We can create the most precise edits and sections employing the variety of in-column detectors, backscatter, multiple ion and SEM detectors, immersion modes, huge aperture and current ranges, and 350V-30kV accelerating voltages. Our chambers are built to handle up to 6 inches of working area, and can accommodate large or unusually shaped specimens.

Live SEM imaging of milling coupled with highly experienced operators ensures proper edits and endpoints. Dual beam capability allows us to get ultra-high resolution images of any edits, mills, or sections without compromising the sample, or introducing possible contamination.

If a sample is in need of specialized preparation, the dual beam is able to relieve features selectively, while imaging allows progress to be monitored, and keeps essential features intact. Any editing, milling, or inspection job can quickly and easily be achieved in our high precision tools.

When elemental mapping is taken into consideration with the SEM and FIB capability, it quickly becomes clear that these tools are a staple of efficiency and speed, with unmatched versatility in a single chamber.

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