ESD HBM and MM Testing

Fast customized HBM and MM testing using Thermo Fischer Scientific testers.

HBM and MM Testing

Knowing that there is a tight timeline to introduce new products into the market from first silicon to ramp-up,  SAGE Analytical aims to speed up HBM and MM testing by providing comprehensive ESD solutions in a full failure analysis environment.

We will help you achieve a clear understanding of Human Body Model (HBM) and Machine Model (MM) ESD robustness so you can make educated engineering and business decisions, and seamlessly ramp up to high-volume production.

Our new Mk4 ESD testers are impeccably maintained for fast turn-around and repeatable results, whether for the evaluation of new products, test chips and redesigns, or for full ESD qualification. Mk4 testers are equipped with 256k vectors per pin with read-back, high pin-count accommodations (up to 2304 pins), and ESDA/JEDEC, JS-001-2012, MIL-STD 883E, and AEC Q100-002 25 V to 8 kV in steps of 1 V to meet a variety of specifications within a single system. With our library of standard sockets, we can accommodate a wide range of normal package types for the fastest turnaround time. Based on customer need, we are able to acquire custom sockets to test newly designed products and non-standard pitches.

For a standard HBM and MM testing procedure the following steps ensure:

    • Incoming device optical inspection to ensure quality of devices
    • Custom test plans to match each device’s specific requirements including ESD groupings, pin combinations etc.
    • Custom time interval for zaps
    • Waveform calibration pre- and post- each test
    • Pre- and post- comprehensive device characterization through curve tracing at customer defined compliances
    • Device zaps at defined levels and polarities according to customer needs to JEDEC standards
    • Report including pre- to post- curve tracing detected shifts, tested pin combinations, included groupings, and verification waveforms.

The Sage Quest is our signature pre-test evaluation that assures clear, actionable results, backed by the highest professional standards at competitive prices. We are willing to work with customers to create custom tests and fixtures to accommodate any HBM and MM testing needs.

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