ESD CDM Failure Analysis Testing

Quick turnaround time with flexible ESD CDM testing in a full service failure analysis lab environment

ESD and Latch-up Failure Analysis Testing

High volume production in automated manufacturing facilities demands products that can withstand electrostatic discharges simulated by the Charged Device Model (CDM). Essential ESD CDM testing is needed to evaluate the projected reliability protection structure designs, new products, or new device revisions.

Sage Analytical Lab provides ESD CDM failure analysis testing using the new Orion2 HD tester by Fisher Scientific, featuring real-time discharge waveform capture. Each pin on submitted devices can be tested multiple times, at different levels and zap counts as specified by the customer, or to JEDEC, ESDA, AEC, and CDM2 standards for normal cases.

Our detailed process gives you the confidence that your product is tested correctly and consistently, providing you with the clear results that let you go to market fast. With our fast turnaround time, and comprehensive, flexible coverage we are able to help obtain the results needed to evaluate projects and gain confidence in new designs.

A typical workflow consists of the following stages: 

  • Incoming optical device inspection to ensure device quality
  • Custom device file creation for each device type submitted
  • Pre- and post- test calibration using small and large disc standards (JEDEC) to ensure accurate results throughout testing
  • Waveform captures for each zap on each pin at the specified voltages and polarity at every stage  in a temperature and humidity controlled environment to guarantee standardization
  • Pin zapping at defined JEDEC standard voltage levels with a flexible customer defined number of zaps per pin
  • Final report including pre- and post- calibration waveforms, summary of testing specifications, sample on-pin waveform

We work closely with our in-house Failure Analysis experts to quickly evaluate ESD CDM testing performance to allow for fast, confident design decisions. If any faults are detected, we are able to fully evaluate any fails in our full FA service laboratory to ensure the fastest results from submission to damage location.

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