Leading Investigative and Failure Analysis Services

Investigative and Failure Analysis Services for Microelectronic, Medical Device, Telecommunication, Semiconductor, Automotive

Sage Analytical Lab has been very active in leading investigative and failure analysis services for the growing microelectronic, medical device, telecommunication, semiconductor, automotive, and many other industries. Our systematic processes and growing customer base have helped Sage become the stand-out lab in the failure analysis industry.

Sage Analytical Lab’s experienced engineers will partner with you to identify the majority of causes to your samples and provide detailed reports for your organization to prevent future occurrences.

Leading Investigative and Failure Analysis ServicesWhether you are looking for a simple FA investigation or have a comprehensive FA requirement; Sage will be able to address your work and help you with our quick turn-around processes.

In 2015, Sage was highlighted in Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine as a premier lab in Southern California for all Product Failure needs. Our modern and industry-leading equipment will help with all your investigative services.

Contact Sage today and schedule an on-site visit to our lab in San Diego, California or learn more about our range of investigative and failure analysis services, applications, and equipment. 

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