Automotive Materials Failure Analysis and Investigation

Root Cause of the Automotive Materials Failures

automotive-materials-failure-analysis-investigationAs automotive manufacturers are ramping up production, the need for a reliable automotive materials failure analysis lab is continuing to rise. Sage Analytical Lab has matched this demand with a plethora of services and applications along with the proper equipment to serve the majority of automotive plastics materials and components.

Sage’s experienced team of analytical and technical engineers help our automotive clients by servicing the polymers industry with ground-breaking, fast-turn around services. Our modern and state-of-the-art equipment separates us from our competition and allows us to properly address the various jobs sent to us by our clients.

At Sage we focus on the root-cause of the automotive materials failures and hone-in on providing detailed reports to our clients to advise them on the best routes moving forward.

With a growing customer base of automotive materials clients, we invite you to contact us or visit our lab in San Diego, California to tour the facility and learn more about how our range of automotive materials  failure analysis and investigation services, equipment, and applications can help with your automotive materials needs.

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