Precision Reactive Ion Etcher for Dielectric and Amide Removal

SAMCO RIE-1C Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)

Having a reliable and robust Reactive Ion Etcher is of utmost importance when it comes to successfully delayering of integrated circuits. The main constraint in a deconstruction process is keeping a sample planar across all levels of delayering which can be an incredible challenge. This typically is achieved by combining a variety of techniques including parallel polishing, some wet and dry chemistries. By incorporating dry etching processes into standard physical lapping and wet chemical methods, unparalleled planarity is achieved. Sage Analytical Lab develops a unique and specific Reactive Ion Etcher recipe for each device that is received.

Sage Analytical Laboratories’ Reactive Ion Etcher, the SAMCO RIE-1C is designed to achieve uniformity on every sample type and in every case. It is equipped with an all solid state, crystal controlled 13.56 MHz power supply, 300 W (200 W maximum power setting). Two mass flow controllers with CF4 ( 50 cc/min (standard)) O2 (50 cc/min (standard)) respectively, along with a nitrogen chamber vent line. The robust Quartz chamber, which is 212mmΦ is surrounded by a mesh cover which encloses the RF radiation Rectangular view port for plasma and substrate observation. This chamber is ideal in handling Fluorine based gases, necessary for etching dielectrics. It also uses a Substrate Cooling Water cooled (option: refrigerated circulator) system. Finally, the tool has an RF Power Meter Digital display, which reads forward and reflected power along with an RF power interlocked chamber.

The Reactive Ion Etcher is a semi-automatic system designed specifically to etch dielectric, passivation, and semiconductor materials anisotropically. Etchable materials include: Silicon dioxide (BSG, PSG, and BPSG), silicon nitride, silicon oxy-nitride, silicon, poly-Si, refractory metals, metal silicides, polyimide, photoresist, and other polymeric films. The Reactive Ion Etcher is one of the many tools Sage analytical Lab uses to prepare your samples, precisely etch many materials and find the failure every time.

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