Confirming Your Electrical Failure

Parametric Analyzers

Sometimes simple imaging will not suffice, and electrical verification is required to both isolate and characterize the circuits under scrutiny.

The best way to quickly find if a device or net is responding correctly is a simple parametric sweep of the net in question. Sage Analytical Laboratories is equipped with micro-probing capabilities and a suite of parametric analysis tools specifically geared for electrical verification.

We have the experience to use a correct setup for electrical verification of your failing device or board. Whether we use your own engineering development kit or you wish to have us pull from our fully stocked room full of electrical verification tools, we can get the job done.

Our lab is stocked with multiple pieces of electrical verification equipment such as:
Power Supplies – We have a wide range of supplies which can go from low to high voltage and current.
Multimeters – Our precise high digit multimeters can get you the precise voltage or current measurement you need for electrical verification. Our multimeters can perform 4 wire kelvin resistance measurements for ultimate accuracy because it eliminates contact resistance from the probes being used.
Signal/Pulse Generator – Need to supply a pulse or waveform for electrical verification? We have got you covered with wide range of frequencies our signal/pulse generators can supply.
LCR Meters – Our benchtop LCR meters cover a wide range of selectable frequencies in order to find out the inductance or capacitance of your component.
Parametric Analyzer – Need to source a current or voltage and simultaneously measure current and voltage with a high precision? A parametric analyzer if the tool you need for this type of electrical verification.
Curve Tracer – Our curve tracers allow us to quickly check for shorts, opens, early or late diode breakdowns, and leakage within your device.
Digital Oscilloscope – We have high speed and bandwidth oscilloscopes to be able to display those fast waveforms.


Parametric Analyzers