Omniprobe AutoProbe 200

OmniProbe TEM Sample Preparation and Lift-out

Omniprobe AutoProbe 200

Due to the time saving and high precision on target-specific samples, dual beam Focused Ion Beam (FIB)/Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) preparation of TEM specimens has become a dominant technique. Sage Analytical is equipped to handle most standard TEM sample preparation needs with our suite of dual beam systems, and the use of the Omniprobe AutoProbe 200 for lift-out and placement.

Due to their incredible versatility, an OmniProbe system has been mounted on a high accuracy FIB tool at Sage Analytical Lab to facilitate quick and clean TEM sample preparation. Using the integrated live mill viewing on the SEM in conjunction with the largely versatile FIB current ranges, clean lamella can be welded and moved to a sample grid in relatively short times. The large ion beam currents allow for quick initial trenching, while the lowest currents ensure that a clean lamella is created with few artifacts and sample damage.

In addition, the OmniProbe can be used for neutralizing highly charged areas on non-carbon coated samples, and creating biases up to -/+10V for targeted voltage contrast, and various other applications.

One advantage of TEM sample preparation using a dual beam FIB system is to allow the engineer to perform his/her analysis on a specific site of a semiconductor device to within nanometer accuracy. For any issues with the Omniprobe tip, the operator may sharpen or correct the probe in-situ ensuring no hitches in the preparation process. Other benefits as listed on the OmniProbe website include:

  • Enable diverse applications from nanowire manipulation to TEM sample preparation to electrical and mechanical measurements
  • Move diagonally in ANY direction (omnidirectionality)
  • Navigate orthogonally at any sample tilt
  • Rapidly orient samples to specific angles
  • Perform smooth and precise manipulation over long distances
  • Always know where the probe tip is, even when outside the field of view
  • Move predictably for all port installations
  • Reduce operator fatigue and increase success rates with easy recall of stored locations
  • Avoid collisions
  • Pneumatic insertion/retraction links to the microscope software (OEM dependent)
  • Built-in capability for applying a bias to the needle ranging up to +/- 10 V, for voltage contrast or other applications

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