Multi-Probe MP1 Nanoprobing System

Multi-Probe MP1 Nanoprobing System | Atomic Force Probe (AFP) Based System

 Our Multi-Probe MP1 Nanoprobing System is capable or probing submicron features to characterize device level defects. Integrated scanning capacitance allows for investigation of doping defects and leakage artifacts in relatively large areas in short time. In addition, with its nanometer vertical resolution, the Multi-Probe MP1 Nanoprobing System can also provide extremely accurate sample roughness measurements.

The Multi-Probe MP1 Nanoprobing System is an Atomic Force Probe (AFP) based system which can make electrical contact with its precision probe tips to provide nanometer resolution nanoprobing. Atomic Force Probing involves a probe tip in contact with a sample’s surface, rastering across it in order to create a topography map of the surface of the sample. This topographical image provides a clear view of the contacts of interest and allows for precise placement of the probe tips to make electrical contact.

Nanoprobing is essential to characterize the lowest level fails, from bitline and worldline failures, up through improper doping and parasitic leakage. Pico-current imaging allows for highly sensitive leakage measurements of devices where the smallest currents can cause large issues. We can characterize highly targeted regions, down to single devices. Unlike other nanoprobing tools which are based on a Scanning Electron beam to provide imaging and navigation, the Multi-Probe MP1 Nanoprobing System does not charge the sample so that accurate measurements can be made.

Good sample preparation is essential. Sage’s experienced Engineers have expertly prepared a wide variety of samples coming from many semiconductor manufacturers. To guarantee accurate results, our staff is capable of processing samples to expose the area of interest and maintain the topography needed to ensure good electrical contact. We are equipped with all of the necessary tools to have proper grounding, correct sample thickness and flatness, while maintain cleanliness.

To characterize your toughest fails, or to check for the lowest level manufacturing issues, contact Sage Analytical Lab.

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