CAD Navigation – Synopsys Camelot™

Accurate Layout CAD Navigation Analysis

CAD Navigation – Synopsys Camelot

Layout navigation is an essential component of a well done analysis.

Synopsys Camelot™ software has been integrated at Sage Analytical Lab to provide unparalleled navigation to our engineers. When used in conjunction with our high precision milling tools, unmatched accuracy can be obtained in the most intricate and complex of designs.

“The Camelot™ software system is the next-generation CAD navigation standard for failure analysis, design debug, and low-yield analysis.”

Camelot optimizes the equipment and personnel resources of design and semiconductor failure analysis (FA) labs by providing computer interfaces and navigation capabilities. Its application tools, features, options, and networking capability provide a complete, integrated system for fast and efficient investigation and resolution of inspection, test, and analysis jobs.

In addition, Camelot enables closer collaboration between product and design groups with FA labs, thus dramatically improving time to yield and market.

Camelot has the ability to import CAD design data from all the key LVS packages and several user-proprietary formats in addition to providing visual representations of circuits that can be manipulated, rotated, exploded, searched, and linked with ease.


    • Reduces design cycle time, improving time to market
    • Increases fab productivity by providing a general software platform for interfaces with all types of hardware
    • Supports all major layout versus schematic (LVS) tools
    • Provides essential core information database for FA
    • Offers a growing number of add-on features critical for tracking down potential failures and determining the origin of killer defects
    • Client/Server solution for Linux, Solaris, Windows 2000, Windows NT or XP Operating Systems users

*This article is from the Synopsys Camelot™ webpage.

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