Imina Integrated nanoprobing solutions for SEM and FIB

Imina Integrated nanoprobing solutions for SEM and FIB

Sage Analytical Lab is pleased to announce the addition of Imina Technologies’ NANO solutions to the list of our advanced equipment for solving the Failure Analysis Needs of our customers.

Imina Technologies’ NANO solutions can help to perform electrical characterization of microelectronic devices, semiconductor failure analysis and manipulation of single structures in SEM and FIB chambers.  Fully controlled from Precisio™ software suite, comprehensive workflows provide landing probe tips on the device under test, acquiring and processing measurements and reporting.  4 miBot™ nanoprobers are mounted on our Helios NanoLab 660 Dual Beam stage, or loaded via the SEM load-lock to take  advantage of the highest resolution imaging capabilities, even at accelerating voltages  below 0.5 kV.  As the whole platform and robots can be tilted, FIB circuit editing and nanoprobing can be performed simultaneously providing faster and more accurate failure analysis results.

Designed to match the most demanding technical and operational requirements of the semiconductor industry, our nanoprobing solutions can bring probe tips in contact with semiconductor chips, measure the electrical characteristics of integrated components, localize defects and isolate structures.   Some of the applications include:

nanoproving Sage analytical labNanoprobing

  • Failure analysis and reliability testing
  • Integrated circuits security threats assessment
  • Chip design and reverse engineering


Semiconductor device characterizationSemiconductor device characterization

  • I-V curve measurements of single transistors/diodes
  • Characterization of SRAM bit cells
  • Resistivity measurements of via chains

EBIC acquisitionEBIC acquisition

  • Visualize active areas of junctions and locate defects
  • Map electrical activity of samples under bias
  • Validate doping profiles and areas 

EBAC/RCI acquisitionEBAC/RCI acquisition

  • Localization of any open, resistive or shorting defect to the exact layer and die location
  • Fabrication and long-term issue diagnostics
  • Low resistance gradient mapping 

Electrical measurementsElectrical measurements

  • MEMS and sensor actuations and qualifications
  • Optoelectronics device tests: MicroLED, solar cells
  • Materials characterization: nanowires, graphene, thin-films, nanoparticles 


  • Single particles isolation and positioning
  • TEM sample preparation
  • Micro- and nano-assembly


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