JetEtch Pro – CuProtect System

Novel Decapsulation Techniques with the help of the JetEtch Pro

JetEtch Pro – CuProtect System

With the investigation of and processes using gold alternative wirebonding materials such as copper, silver, aluminum, as well as stacked device and novel packaging techniques, decapsulation has once again become a challenge for failure analysis laboratories.

Standard methods compromise wire bond integrity and structure, which may alter finding or remove defects altogether. Furthermore, many of the standard solutions simply will not work on cutting edge packaging technologies. At Sage Analytical we have overcome these challenges by utilizing one of the world’s best decapsulation systems: the JetEtch Pro automated decapsulation system, in conjunction with flexible and novel technique development in-house.

Manufactured by Nisene Technology Group this tool is one of the most reliable decapsulating systems available. The unit has been redesigned for maximum efficiency, increased control and safety.

“The JetEtch Pro – CuProtect applies a bias to the solution being pumped to the sample in the process chamber. This bias creates a condition in which negatively-charged sulfate ions are attracted and temporarily bond to the surface of the copper wire while the sample is being etched. This temporary sulfate ion coating protects the copper wires from corrosion while the sample undergoes the etching process.” – Nisene Technology Group

This biased application process yields results that are unmatched in the industry. The JetEtch Pro decapsulation system can safely etch virtually any sample put into its etch chamber. This flexible system can be fine-tuned for the most complex package designs including samples with gold, aluminum, and copper wires.

Used in conjunction with custom developed techniques, the JetEtch Pro system allows for incredible application versatility. Sage Analytical is able to decapsulate board mounted devices, ceramics, most types of bonded or flip-chip applications, and stacked die devices. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced staff for information on how we may be able to help you with your custom processes by looking in our Contact Us section.

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