Failure Analysis Equipment

failure analysis equipment


With the variety, subtlety, and complexity of failures comes the need for state of the art equipment to identify and analyze even the smallest of features.

The Sage Analytical Lab ESD and Latch-up Test facility includes state-of-the-art Thermo Fisher Scientific Mk4 and Orion-2 HD testers. We have latch-up, HBM and MM test capabilities up to 2,304 pins with 7 independent power supplies. Waveform verifications are performed before and after testing your products for HBM, MM and CDM testing. We have the option of storing pre- and post-zap waveforms in our database for easy access and transmission to your ftp server, if desired.

The Orion-2 HD tester provides fast and accurate CDM testing while maintaining relative humidity to assure consistent and repeatable results for this un-socketed test. Discharge waveforms are monitored in situ using 6 GHz oscilloscope technology.

Sage Analytical Laboratories has the single commitment to meet customer requests by providing the information needed to make informed business decisions based on hard evidence. Our advanced tool sets not only have the capability to pinpoint and characterize your fails, but the skilled team needed to run them.

Judging from our customer’s demands we are able to customize our tool sets to meet their needs. Valuable interpretation of results comes with the experience combined in our private laboratory environment.

Our flexibility lends itself to the ever advancing nature of the industry. With constant development on our systems, we strive to provide the newest and most robust processes to get quick, accurate results. Working closely with our customers, we work to offer our failure analysis expertise and diagnosis to help save our customers time, money, and frustration.

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