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Redefining the Failure Analysis Process for Medical Devices

Sage Analytical Lab has emerged as the leader in product failure analysis services. Medical Device manufacturers have experienced in increasing need for investigative services to meet quality assurance requirements and at the same time resolve product failures during the initial stages of production.

At Sage, our experienced team of engineers can help you recognize early indicators for various failures and then scope out possible solutions to avoid future mishaps early in the manufacturing process. Our Failure Analysis Process for Medical Devices will clearly define the various problems at hand as our engineers work with you throughout the process to recommend solutions as testing becomes more destructive in the process. Our clients receive reports throughout the process outlining the various tests done along with their corresponding results. In addition, we provide transparency and recommendations to communicate our findings.

We have a plethora of services and failure analysis equipment offerings which serve the entire spectrum of our various medical device manufacturer clients. Our medical device failure investigations include a wide range of materials such as: laminates, composites, metals, adhesives, plastics, and many more.

Our well-known quick turn-around services and stand out failure analysis applications will provide you with the important information you strive to know about your product to meet all your critical time-sensitive projects.

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