Trusted and Efficient ESD/Latch-Up Testing

Trusted and Efficient ESD/Latch-Up Testing

Design engineers are increasingly being challenged to reduce the incidence of latch-up. At the same time, this task is made more difficult as devices become more complex and process technologies continue to shrink.

Sage Analytical Lab has broken this barrier for Southern California’s Failure Analysis services by understanding that users can design and manufacture test fixtures for use on many ESD/Latch-up test systems. At Sage, we provide ESD CDM testing using our new Orion2 HD tester, which features real-time discharge waveform capture. Within each test we are able to validate submitted devices and test each pin multiple times, at different levels and zap counts as specified by the customer, or to JEDEC, ESDA, AEC, and CDM2 standards for normal cases.

ESD-Latch-up-testingSage’s rigorous and detailed process gives you the confidence that your product is tested correctly and consistently. This process provides our clients with the clear results that let you go to market effectively and confidently. Our engineers are dedicated to fast turnaround time, along with focus to obtain the results needed to evaluate projects and gain confidence in new designs.

At Sage, we have invested heavily in the most advanced failure analysis equipment servicing the semiconductor and microelectronic industries. Among this top-of-the-line machinery is our Thermo-Scientific MK.4 Latch-Up test system. The Thermo-Scientific MK.4 provides the necessary stimulus to test your device both efficiently. These systems can accommodate an average of up to 2304 pins and up to 8 independent power supply voltages.

We invite you to visit Sage Analytical Lab in San Diego and if you are located in the Orange County area to inquire to our administrative office on how we can schedule a local pick up of your samples.

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