Sage Differentiation against Competition

What Makes Sage a Premier Failure Analysis Lab?

The semiconductor industry is highly competitive in nature from the manufacturing to distribution silos. Manufacturers have seen a spike in competition as innovation has increased and product costs have been slowly decreasing. This trend has caused a growing demand for proper quality assurance. Failure analysis labs are in high demand to provide quality and reliability to manufacturers around the world.

With locations in both San Diego and Orange County, California, Sage Analytical Lab has rose above all competition in an effort to stand apart from the pack with the latest in failure analysis equipment and methodologies. We have been able to do this successfully by establishing the proper partnerships with equipment manufacturers to have the latest and greatest in analytical devices. We take great pride in having the newest equipment in the most optimum shape ready to service our clients.

In addition, we have invested in the most extensive and diverse expertise to operate this modern machinery to provide the most advanced analytical techniques. It is important to note that the proper combination of a highly experienced and skilled engineer and the latest equipment is the key to reducing costs and providing fast turn around to our clients. Our reputation has been established as a result oriented lab built on fast turn-around and proven results.

Sage’s number one goal is to ensure that every customer receives timely, accurate, and useful information while utilizing the most optimum, cost effective, and knowledge driven methodologies that help you solve your problems.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace the margin of error becomes very expensive. If you are in need of a Failure Analysis Lab with a credible name and proven results – Sage Analytical Lab is the partner you should rely on. We will be happy to discuss any of your needs and provide you with a no obligation quote for our services.


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