Sage Analytical Lab Involved with The Latest in Milling Systems

Sage Analytical Lab has invested heavily in the latest machinery by Hitachi, The Model IM4000 Milling System – OBE 0038. This latest machinery provides stress free physical processes whereby atoms are ejected from a target material due to bombardment of the target energetic particles.

Sage has the enhanced capability to utilize the uniform ion-beam induced polishing of sample surfaces as large as 5mm in diameter. This wide uniformly polished areas can be achieved as the sample rotation center axis is shifted from the ion beam center, thereby compensating the ion beam profile intensity distribution.

Our variable beam incidence angle (freely selectable from vertical to glancing incidence) allows for both, a perfect smoothing – e.g. as preparation for EBSD analysis – or a selective enhancement of specimen surface features (relief milling) for optimized SEM observation.

Optionally, our IM4000 offers the possibility to observe the cross section cutting area live through a window in the processing chamber using a high-resolution optical microscope. This supports the user e.g. in deciding the end point of the sample milling in case of unknown materials.

We invite you to contact us today and schedule a time to visit our lab in Sunny San Diego, California to try out the latest in milling systems and other modern machinery servicing the Semiconductor industry.

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