Sage Analytical Lab’s Newest Failure Analysis Equipment

Newest Failure Analysis Equipment

Sage Analytical Lab is proud to offer it’s latest and most modern failure analysis equipment tailored for FIB Services. We have put a lot of attention towards our FIB Services and are proud to offer the DCG Optifib-IV System to our clients.

With the DCG Optifib-IV System, Sage is now able to face the smallest geometry technologies, with the highest resolutions. In addition, the OptiFIB-IV focused ion-beam instrument offers a proven circuit edit solution for 45 nm and beyond. Advanced circuit edit capability with outstanding edit throughput and unparalleled edit success rates significantly reduce time-to-market and time-to-yield for semiconductor devices.

Sage has experienced a growing demand in failure analysis services in 2014 and as a result has focused their attention to the market demand. This investment is the latest FIB Machinary aimed at providing our customers with the most cutting-edge technology. Our FIB processes are an unmatched collection of best practices helping our clients achieve their desired results in a timely and accurate manner.

The most notable specifications for the DCG Optifib-IV System include:

  • Co-axial photon imaging through passivation and silicon (US patent 7,297,948)
  • Precision copper etching over SiO2 and low-k dielectrics
  • Sub-pA beam current imaging and end-pointing
  • Backside trenching and editing
  • FUSION PC-based control software
  • Integrated FIB Assist™s
  • On system support of ten different chemistries
  • Laser interferometer stage
  • CMP Navigator: Patented precision electronic beam deflection in combination with CAD overlay (US patent 5,401,972)
  • Optional Dual micro-jet chemistry injector
  • Optional Manual joystick and knobs panel
  • Optional Load lock

For a limited time, we are proudly offering a free consultation to learn about your FIB needs and help you to assess how Sage can solve your Failure Analysis Service needs. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our FIB Services and our latest failure analysis equipment the DCG Optifib-IV System!

DCG Optifib-IV Failure Analysis Equipment

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