3D X-Ray Failure Analysis Services

3D X-Ray Failure Analysis Services

Are you in need of proper 3D CT Sub-micron X-Ray failure analysis services and equipment?

Sage Analytical Lab can accurately provide these services to answer all your problems with our high resolution sub-micron system.

Our experienced and careful techniques provide our clients with the ability to identify and isolate failure signatures which include:

  • BGA Fatigue
  • BGA Cracking
  • BGA Voiding
  • C4/Bump Cracking
  • Wire Bond Shorting
  • Die attach Issues
  • Copper tracing in laminates, substrates, and boards
  • Passive component integrity and placement
  • Various other metal defects

All the listed defects and many more can properly be detected and imaged in 3D prior to any destructive measures are put in place. This safe guarded initial steps takes the doubt out of our clients mind and guarantees that an answer for them that removes sample preparation or mishandling issues.

We invite you to contact us today and schedule a time to visit our failure analysis laboratory in San Diego, California to learn about our various 3D X-Ray Failure Analysis Services and Testing processes for product manufacturers.

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