3D / CT Sub-Micron X-Ray Provides Unmatched Results

3D / CT Sub-Micron X-Ray Provides Unmatched Results

Sage’s newest machinery offers a solution to the traditional lack of depth, versatility, and angles provided by 2-dimensional and older 3-D X-Rays.

San Diego, Calif. – January 9, 2014 — Sage Analytical Lab LLC, the best-in-class laboratory dedicated to providing analytical techniques and state of the art equipment for analyzing and diagnosing all level of failures in today’s highly integrated and advanced semiconductor devices, has added a new 3D / CT Sub-Micron X-Ray to their exceptional list of modern machinery.

This new 3D / CT Sub-Micron X-Ray will identify and isolate fail signatures including:

      • BGA fatigue
      • BGA cracking
      • BGA voiding
      • C4/Bump cracking
      • Wire bond shorting
      • Die attach issues
      • Copper tracing in laminates, substrates and boards
      • Passive component integrity and placement
      • Various other metal defects

“Minute details beyond the resolution of most current 3D X-Ray systems can be quickly imaged and reconstructed with our newest tool, even before any destructive techniques have been considered” said Moe Homayonieh, President of Sage Analytical Lab, LLC. “This removes questionable results that might come from deprocessing, and allows for an even faster analysis if we’ve already spotted our target.”

The 3D / CT Sub-Micron X-Ray provides an answer to board level, packaging, wire bonding, and chip attach integrity issues before any doubt of sample preparation or mishandling issues result.

For a limited time, Sage is offering a free demo to all first time customers to test the new 3D / CT Sub-Micron X-Ray. This demo includes a sample analysis (up to 2 hours) in addition to a personal tour of Sage’s world-class facility.

To take advantage of this limited time offer please submit an inquiry by clicking here.

For more information on the new 3D / CT Sub-Micron X-Ray click here.

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