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Destructive Physical Analysis to Assure Product Quality

Destructive Physical Analysis DPA

The precision required to manufacture a robust quality device is contingent on thousands of factors. Processing of complex integrated circuits and Printed Circuit Boards requires qualification on multiple levels and for several aspects of the device. As with any manufacturing, quality checking throughout the process is critical. From first design to end-of-life, Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA), also known as construction analysis, checks and verifications are instrumental to successful product implementation along with full product lifetime.

While an integrated circuit or device may not be failing on initial test or even after stressing, some factors may not be ideal that need to be realized. In order to guarantee a product is falling within limits construction analysis must be performed. Maintaining a quality standard is imperative not only for commercial but also Military and Space applications. Various materials and construction make-up are analyzed through cross-sectional thickness and width measurements. This will thoroughly determine if the device meets the minimum specified standards. Sage Analytical Laboratories can provide basic to complex Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) tailored to your needs. We are very familiar with military and JEDEC standards and will accommodate any specifications required.

By taking a sample set of passing parts while doing simple level 1 Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) and cross sections, the overall quality of a product may be ascertained in an empirical fashion. At Sage Analytical Labs, we can tailor any Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) to fit your specific needs. This may be done at a system, package, or integrated circuit level, and be used to verify the consistency and construction of the content you are being sold. By periodic quality checking, misprocessing or errors may be found in days that could only manifest in hundreds of hours of stressing and burn-in. Moreover, you can rest assured that the product being sold is what you are paying for.

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