PCB Reverse Engineering

Accurate PCB Reverse Engineering That You Can Depend On

PCB Reverse Engineering

Sage Analytical Laboratories is equipped to provide world-class PCB reverse engineering by supplying level by level images of traces and routing through even the most complex of PCB layouts. 

While ICs are becoming more and more complex, so is signal routing in printed circuit boards.

To achieve maximum signals in minimum space, PCB layouts have become dense, many-layered nests of thousands of traces.

High resolution macro imaging techniques combined with highly planar deconstruction techniques give you a fine tuned package of full routing, from die laminates to whole PCB systems. 

Utilizing the power of our 3D X-ray system, we are able to non-destructively image a packaged device or an entire board to view the internal layers and are able to extract how these layers are interconnected. PCB reverse engineering in these cases begins by utilizing our 3D X-ray to capture thousands of 2D images and then combine them into a high resolution 3D model. With this 3D model, individual metal traces or entire planes can be looked at and followed with precision. Cross-section views in any direction imaginable can be generated as well.

Should one wish to perform PCB reverse engineering of high metal layer count devices or boards, Sage is ready to give you the results you need. Utilizing our own in house developed techniques, we are able to carefully and precisely mechanically remove each layer to provide high resolution images of each layer. Metal traces and vias are all resolved with crystal clear detail. We can then combine each of these imaged layers into an aligned multi-layered image so that each layer can be viewed and turned on or off. This type of PCB reverse engineering can be especially useful when needing to digitize old drawings.

Combining these techniques with standard mechanical or FIB cross-sections, we can also provide length, width, height or other process measurements to aid with your PCB reverse engineering needs.

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