Package Integrity Evaluation

Quick Package Integrity Evaluation That’s Accurate

Package Integrity Evaluation

Modern packaging processes are often as complex as the die themselves. Packages today need to meet an array of standards. Mechanically, packages must withstand impact and be reliable and robust. Electrically, integrated circuit packaging must have low parasitics and need to be thermally efficient with heat removal. Ideally, all these variables are met however, sometimes weaknesses and failures arise and need to be evaluated and diagnosed. By using the extensive packaging analysis tools available at Sage Analytical Laboratories, even the most subtle of packaging issues and analyses may be performed.


Tools that may be used include:

    • Sub-Micron resolution 3D X-ray tomography
    • Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM)
    • Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
    • Mechanical cross sections
    • FIB cross sections
    • Elemental mapping (EDS/EDX)

We are equipped to handle a variety of parts for package integrity evaluation which may include but are not limited to: wire bonded, flip-chip, or surface mount on numerous substrates.

Common fail analyses include:

    • Contact non-wets
    • BGA voiding
    • BGA separation
    • Underfill voids
    • Wire bond ball and wedge analysis (non-destructive)
    • C4/bump integrity
    • C4/bump shape
    • Laminate and board trace evaluation
    • Die cracking
    • Many other forms of packaging inspection

Whether it is a constructional analysis or an in-depth packaging failure analysis that is needed, we are equipped with the personnel and tools to handle your request with efficiency and quality.

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