IC Process Consultation

Quick IC Process Consultation You Can Depend On

IC Process Consulation

Processes need to be perfectly tuned and stable in the IC manufacturing environment to ensure a quality device is created consistently. Sage Analytical Lab provides quick IC process conultation that you can depend on.

Sage Analytical Laboratories can give you the images you need to verify that everything is running smoothly. By investigating the actual construction of a die, it becomes clear whether or not a part is within tolerances to have a healthy life in the field.

In many instances, a die may appear to be functional at the onset, and fail early in the field due to a manufacturing variability.

If a film thickness is wrong, mask offsets are skewed, material chemistry is off, bonding techniques are inconsistent, or packaging stresses are too great, it is likely the product will fail prematurely. 

Beyond investigating failures, process validation is needed to catch process drift in the manufacturer. Preventative analysis may allow for a drifting process to be settled before it causes major problems and falls out of spec.

Invariably, this applies to validating new processes, as well as highlighting tweaks that may improve current designs.

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