IC Failure Analysis Testing

Advanced IC Failure Analysis with Accurate Results

IC Failure Testing Analysis

The worst case failures in the semiconductor industry are those which have made it to end users and bring systems down.  Anything from cell phones and flash drives through the highest performance servers are susceptible to integrated circuit failures.

At Sage Analytical Laboratories, our goal is fast , precise discovery and unbiased characterization of failures in the semiconductor industry with our advanced IC failure analysis testing services. As an independent lab, we pride ourselves in objective, fact driven results and root cause IC failure analysis testing. We present the data for you to make informed and accurate decisions based on our findings.

We strive to eliminate wasted time and streamline our analyses to ensure quick results that may help resolve issues in ICs. Our staff’s varied background lends itself to a broad spectrum of combine knowledge throughout many facets of the industry. We have background through many different types of integrated circuits (IC), from design and debugging, up through full system level troubleshooting. 

Through the use of state of the art equipment, techniques and decades of combined knowledge, we drive efficiency and accuracy to an unparalleled level. With the plethora of techniques we employ, any manner of physical failure can be isolated and analyzed on a failing die. Sage analytical keeps itself at the forefront of industry technology by continuously updated our analysis techniques and procedures.

Whether it is optical images at top level or captures on the nano-meter scale, we provide evidence of the fail mechanisms on your die. The varied technology that flows through our lab ensures that we keep learning as processes change. This also helps us have the tools and techniques needed to solve most physical failure analysis issues all under one roof. By containing a full failure analysis flow in one place, we have the flexibility to tailor your analysis to your specific needs, while providing fast and accurate results.

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