Electrical Analysis

Wide Variety of Electrical Analysis for Varied Applications

Electrical Analysis

Providing precise electrical characterization and analysis of a failing device is of paramount importance. By characterizing an electrical signal, it is possible to gain insight into the most probable physical mechanisms that may be causing them. Depending on the electrical signature, there are many different causes, whether it is an early turn-on, late turn-on, missing diode, or a short. For the variety of situations where electrical characterization is needed, Sage Analytical Lab is equipped with a broad spectrum of electrical analysis tools targeted from package level, through micro- and nano-probing and analysis.

With our experienced and highly trained team, the interpretation of these results often leads to a speedy and accurate analysis of the physical failure. From the largest of nets to single devices, the advanced tool sets at Sage Analytical Laboratories provide accurate and revealing measurements. Along with our electrical analysis techniques, we have various tools in house that allow us to failures electrically. We are able to build custom bench setups to verify full devices, FIB cut to isolate suspected nets, and FIB deposit probe points for microprobing.

Sage Analytical Laboratories’ tools include:

    • Automatic curve tracing (Up to 1152 pins per setup)
    • Micro-probing
    • Parametric analysis
    • Isolation analysis
    • High-frequency oscilloscope probing
    • Various other electrical fail mode observation techniques

With the range of tools we have available we can verify, map, and isolate all manners of physical fail mechanisms causing the characterized electrical fail. With the ability to probe within our fault isolation tools, we are able to localize even further. In many cases, FIB probe points are used to target suspected nets, or backside probing is needed to probe BGAs on bonded parts. By being able to perform electrical analysis within our isolation tools, we can guarantee robust results from the isolation.

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