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Packaging and Mounting Delamination Analysis

Delamination CSAM Analysis

Confocal Scanning Acoustic Microscopy(C-SAM) is a non-destructive and non-invasive method to quickly provide high precision acoustic imaging on discrete planes of a packaged part. Sage Analytical Laboratories can provide sound pulses of different frequencies to penetrate different types of materials in search for voids or delamination.

Our OKOS C-SAM has the capabilities to perform both reflective(echo) and through scan tests to identify voids and delamination more effectively than any other type of inspection method. The high sensitivity that sound waves have with the material that it travels through makes C-SAM the most effective way to pickup defects. By analyzing the reflections or echoes from interfaces, we are able to determine the presence of packaging and mounting issues in highly z-resolved scanning. One of the major benefits of this type of analysis is the non-destructive nature. Before any physical stresses that come from standard analyses are applied to the device, we are able to scan for interfacial delamination, showing that it originated before any destructive steps were taken.

Sage Analytical Laboratories can quickly provide high precision acoustic imaging on discrete planes of a packaged part. The OKOS confocal acoustic microscope provides large scan areas, great resolution, and many handy analysis tools that bring our C-SAM to the next level compared with some of the older industry standard tools. Using our wide range of transducers, we are able to analyze many different format devices and broader cases.

This technique is targeted at the following applications before destructive analysis:

    • Die delamination
    • Disconnected/non-wet C4/bumps
    • Voiding in underfill
    • Voiding in a package or laminate
    • Die cracking
    • Damaged C4s and interconnects
    • Ball/wedge bond disconnects
    • Thickness measurements
    • Counterfeit detection
    • Process validating
    • Product inspection
    • Quality control
    • Research and development
    • Product reliability

Look into a part before ever opening it up and remove any doubt from the analysis. With CSAM, the answer may be made more obvious than expected.

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