Counterfeit Analysis

Same Day Counterfeit Analysis

Same Day Counterfeit Analysis

Counterfeiting of products is a real problem ravaging the semiconductor industry in many ways.

Often times, a failing device is returned only to find through a quick counterfeit analysis that it is a fake. Not only is this damaging to a company’s image, but has serious implications in the quality and reliability of the products in which these counterfeits are used.

If mission-critical hardware has a counterfeit part within the system, massive time and money can be spent trying to recover from the losses caused by failure, and lives may be put at risk.

If the counterfeit is not detected by the company being copied, those losses are transferred to the supposed supplier. Let Sage Analytical Laboratories aid you in determining whether or not the failing parts returned are genuine with our fast counterfeit analysis services. We’ll inspect for the telltale signs of counterfeits such as mismatching revision codes, blacktopping, re-bonding, etc.

With our sophisticated suite of tools we are able to image and inspect all nuances of a package and IC and compare it to a real sample. By using x-ray, probing, basic DC testing, visual inspection, and various other techniques, we can provide a detailed picture of the part to be scrutinized. Decapsulation and optical inspection provide us real images of how the suspected counterfeit device compares to the datasheet, or a control sample.

If incongruities are marked, liability may be shifted to the purchaser, ensuring they procure from the proper channels. This saves time and money for both parties, and removes future counterfeit products from the systems. Suppliers or discontinued parts may find this specifically challenging, as they are a target for counterfeiters. Older technologies, legacy systems, and high reliability markets are notorious for being susceptible to fakes. By simply putting a few parts through counterfeit analysis from a lot or reel, huge issues may be avoided, and your products can be trusted with a much greater confidence.

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