Competitor Analysis

Thorough Competitor Analysis for Advanced Industry Insight

Thorough Competitor Analysis for Advanced Industry Insight

Getting a glimpse into competitor’s products enables a wide range of possibilities.

Competitor analysis can be used to see how different manufacturing techniques are used to achieve similar goals. A comparison of similar products can be made to better adapt a current design with established industry standards in manufacturing, thereby creating a superior product revision.

Sage Analytical Laboratories can provide a competitor analysis in an independent lab atmosphere. Another key facet is looking for intellectual property law violations. For example, a step by step thorough documenting of the product from packaging down to the substrate level must be performed in order to prove these violations. In-depth research in conjunction with reverse engineering is key in executing a valid competitor analysis for evidence. Here at Sage Analytical Labs, thorough documentation and analysis is performed confidentially and securely. Information gathered can include:

    • Physical layout: parallel delayering and cross-sectioning can provide insight into the physical layout.
    • Film thicknesses: cross-sectioning is a way to determine film thicknesses and widths
    • Material analysis: EDS analysis can provide information regarding elemental composition
    • Per-level deconstruction: whether it be a PCB or an integrated circuit, each level of the device can be provided in a full set for reverse engineering.
    • Electrical characterization: Thorough investigation and confirmation of the electrical functionality can give additional insight into the performance and purpose of the device.
    • High resolution SEM: can provide images of sub-micron features, and layout information.
    • Pitch, height, and thicknesses: Mechanical or FIB cross-sectioning is a way to determine level and feature thicknesses and widths.

Combining these measurements and observations can make a complete picture of the competitor’s technology. Whether the goal is to create a more robust and efficient established design, or to protect intellectual property, Sage Analytical Lab can provide a comprehensive competitor analysis to fit all needs.

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