Analytical Imaging

Industry Leading Analytical Imaging

Industry Leading Analytical Imaging

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in the semiconductor industry it may also be worth thousands of man hours as well as millions of dollars. Sage Analytical Laboratories is able to provide analytical imaging from device structures and features using technology’s most advanced optical microscopy, X-ray, scanning acoustic microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) techniques.

Our varied suite of equipment allows details to be captured on the macro-scale such as defects in packaging, several millimeters in size, to those on the nanoscale such as integrated circuit level vias, only a few nanometers in size, for highest level of detail on the minutest scales that can otherwise be overlooked.

Our team of highly trained and experienced scientists, engineers, and technicians can supply perfect analytical imaging based on your individual request while also provide crucial information regarding what is meaningful, and how best to capture it in an easy to communicate form.

Although a device may function on a scale large enough to easily handle, a failure mechanism can be determined the most minute details and are therefore often the most critical. With the widely varied backgrounds of our professionally trained staff, we pride ourselves in providing exceptionally high quality analytical imaging that will best allow you to achieve your goals.

Sage Analytical Lab’s imaging capabilities will provide your organization with the highest quality analytical imaging to support detailed analysis of your products and components.

Our capabilities include:

    • High resolution digital optical imaging
    • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) down to 1nm resolution
    • Elemental Mapping
    • 3D-CT (Computed Tomography) X-ray microscopy with sub-micron resolution
    • Scanning Acoustic images

If you have any type of question requiring inspection of a failing device, our lab is readily available with the equipment and experience or knowledge to supply you with the analytical imaging necessary to provide you with answers.

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