Sage Analytical Lab is a successful and fast-growing company in analytical services for microelectronics failures. We are headquartered in beautiful San Diego, California.

Sage Analytical Lab has many opportunities for bright, energetic, ambitious, dedicated, and flexible individuals who have the experience and skills to excel in an exciting high-tech environment. We are looking to hire engineers who would like to advance their careers with a premier failure analysis lab. We have great and unmatched employee packages which include salary, bonuses, health coverage, as well as a generous amount of vacation/sick days.

We are looking for engineers with the following skills:

  • Experience analyzing die, package, and board level electronics
  • Ability to work the full-failure analysis cycle from electrical replication of failure and isolation, through delayering and imaging
  • Excellence with curve tracing, and electrical signal interpretation from package to device level
  • Hands-on experience operating and interpreting non-destructive techniques including: 2D and 3D X-ray, SAM, automatic curve tracers, optical microscopes, oscilloscopes, power supplies, and various benchtop meters
  • Strong background in fault isolation techniques and interpretation including: XIVA, IR, Photon Emission, bench-top probing, charge contrast, CSAM
  • Skilled in physical fault isolation and level by level removal processes including: decapsulation, depackaging, parallel lapping, Allied Multiprep systems, chemical etch processes and chemistries, dry/plasma etch processes
  • Imaging systems and techniques including IR, SEM, FIB, and optical microscopy ranging from high depth of field macro imaging to high magnification
  • Experience in various other techniques including EDS/EDAX, CAD layout navigation, cross sectioning, and ASAP milling
  • Knowledge of the semiconductor fabrication process and classical failure signatures

We are also currently seeking a manager/supervisor for our growing ESD and Latch-up Department. If you are interested or have any referrals contact us today!

Please contact us if you fit the skills mentioned above.

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